MPS FAIR Hackathon Workshop Feb 27-28 2019
Shortcut to the: FAIR Principles

Wi-Fi: code is FEB19

Lactation Room -> Carver Floor 2 Westin


Day 1  Feb 27th, 2019
Morning 8:00 Breakfast/Registration  
9:00 Session 1 Introduction, View from NSF, Workshop Goals and Procedures - Mike Hildreth | Beth Plale
9:20 Intros Participants' Brief Introductions
9:45 Session 2 Status of FAIR in the US & Overview of efforts Worldwide:
10:00 Discussion Questions & Discussion with Beth, Mike, Shelley, Natalie & Erik
10:25 Icebreaker FAIR Metadata game icebreaker - Ted Habermann 
10:30 Coffee Coffee avail served during the ice breaker
11:10 Demos
Lunch 12:30  Luncheon served onsite
  13:00 Demos Continued

FAIR Evaluator - Ted Habermann

  13:20 Session 3 GOFAIR Matrix and Consortium: Erik  Schultes and Albert Mons
Afternoon 14:00 Use Cases
14:45 Evaluator Breakout Chem Phys MatSci/Chem Metrics/Evaluator Tools Trainers
15:45 Break  Afternoon Coffee / Snack Service
16:00 Demo Making Data Interoperable: GoldBook of IUPAC Demo: terminology -API access Stuart Chalk
16:30-17:00 Discussion Making Data FAIR Discussion and ad hoc demos Share hacks, tips, tools
Day 2 Feb 28th, 2019
 Morning   Breakfast Breakfast on your own: nearby options for a quick breakfast include: Starbucks, 2040 Jamieson Avenue  (1 min away),  Panera Bread (3 min away), 350 Dulany St, Einstein Bagels, 401 Dulany St (3 min)
8:00   Coffee/Tea  Coffee/Tea Service at the Hackathon Avail starting at 8 AM
8:30 Keynote Day Two Keynote "The Internet and FAIR Data" - George Strawn 
9:15 Discussion

  • Keynote Discussion - Moderator Mike Hildreth
  • MPS FAIR Hackthon Gap Analysis and Final Report Rationale - Hildreth
  • Questionnaire Results - What we've brought/got that we can FAIRify - Meyers
  • Drexel CODATA March 31-April 1 FAIR and Responsible Research Data Management Workshop Meyers & Schultes
  • Departure Travel Logistics - RideSharing
9:40 Demo Physics - FAIR Ecosystems Demos (from among INSPIRE High Energy Physics information system, CERN Document Server, Reana Reusable Analysis and CERN Analysis Preservation Portal) - Discussion Moderator and Presenters TBA   
10:00 Breakout FAIRifying your data or code : Day Two Breakouts begin
    Chem Phys Consults Using the PPB Evaluator MPS FAIR Gap Analysis
  Coffee Coffee Service avail during breakouts
11:30 Discussion Regroup for Discussion & Demonstrate outputs
    OSF & FAIR MPS GAP Analysis Using the PPB Evaluator Phys Chem/Mat Schi
   Lunch Grab and Go Lunches Available  
Afternoon 12:30 Discussion  Continued Demonstration and discussion of  outputs continues
12:50 Wrap-up Wrap Up: MPS Hackathon Report next steps
Departure Travel Logistics
13:00 Departure Participant Departure for travel can begin
13:00-15:00 Breakout Breakout time and consults available for those who want to continue working