NSF Workshop

MPS FAIR Hackathon

Findable Accessible Interoperable and Reusable (FAIR) Hackathon Workshop for Mathematical and Physical Sciences (MPS) Research Communities

February 27-28, 2019


The FAIR Hackathon Workshop for Mathematics and the Physical Sciences (MPS) research communities brings together researchers, innovative data scientists, developers, and FAIR experts to solve real-world data challenges using the principles of FAIR: Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable Data. Designed to address issues of public access to data and to provide tools and relevant hands-on experience for researchers, the workshop will lay out the FAIR principles and metrics in the context of a hackathon using the successful model of The Bio-IT World FAIR Data Hackathon organized by the European Union's GOFAIR initiative of the European Open Science Cloud. Building on the momentum of our European colleagues and the aspirations of our colleagues in life and geo-sciences here in the US, the workshop brings FAIR learning and hands-on opportunities to MPS researchers (with a particular emphasis on Experimental High Energy Physics, Chemistry, and Materials Science research funded by NSF) and will unite MPS and research data management teams to tackle actual datasets with maximum impact potential.

Participants are encouraged to register and assemble as duos or trios with 1-2 colleagues (ideally researchers and/or students along with a data scientist and/or research data librarian from his/her organization or disciplinary society) and to have access to a dataset or software that they wish to make FAIR. Hackathon sessions at the workshop will be bookended with opportunities for participants to hear keynote talks, see how-to demonstrations, and engage in discussion with FAIR advocates and implementation experts. Time scheduled for dialogue will provide an opportunity for discussion on "FAIR" data efforts across the different disciplinary societies and federally funded programs in the US.